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Dear Lenka, I've been a fan of you for nearly 5 years now, and your voice and your beauty have gotten even better each passing year. I hope you get the time off you deserve to celebrate your special day, to relax and enjoy a good book or do other things you enjoy doing. Thanks for all your dedication to t.A.T.u. and I'll always support you. Love always, Amanda Scott.

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           Lena's 22nd birthday with Troy

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           Not Gonna Get Us (Comet Awards 2003)

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           Stars (Tallin, Estonia)

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           Stars (Rehearsal)

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           Comet Awards 2003 Speech

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           MTV News Block: MTV Asia 2004

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           Lena's vacation in Italy 2007

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           Lena - t.A.T.u. ID 2002

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Happy Birthday Lena Katina by Tim
Made by: Tim / Talyubittu
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Happy 23rd Birthday Lena Katina!
Made by: Mike / TaTy_DuDe
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Happy Birthday Lena!
Made by: Yosimar / Amy_Lee_Rocks
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Lena Katina (Happy Birthday)
Made by: JuliaLenaFan

Lena Katina / Vsya Moya Lyubov
Made by: John0008

Lena Katina fanvideo "She"
Made by: xwendo

Lena Katina - Superhero
Made by: Tatyfan95

Lena Is Everywhere
Made by: raVengeance

Lena Katina (You're So Sexy)
Made by: JuliaLenaFan