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02/08/2007: "Julia's new love?"

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Thanks nfne & Argos!

Yesterday opened a new fashionable Karaoke-restaurant right in the centre of Moskva. Of course, the opening didn't go without an incident. First the guards didn't allow the girlfriend of the soloist of the group 'Tatu' into the room. After negotiations with the meticulous security Yulya Volkova tickled not only her own nerves, but those of everybody, who observed her: she held gently hands with Timati, then she led him away...to the toilet. About that writes the gazette "Your Day". Well, of course, Yulya Volkova and Timati refused to comment on the lavatorial way of spending time. But everybody noticed their satisfied smiles, which remained on them during the whole night.

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on Friday, February 9th, coco said

she has good taste for men