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02/12/2007: "MySpace t.A.T.u."

Source: Tatugirls.com

Keep up to date with all the t.A.T.u. news and gossip at their Official MySpace page! The MySpace site contains a full discography of all their singles and albums, from All About Us to Ya Soshla S Uma, including the CD artwork for regional and international releases. To compliment the discography we have also uploaded all the t.A.T.u. music videos. So if there are any of their videos you haven't seen, head on over and check them out!

Video's include the hits All The Things She Said, Not Gonna Get Us and All About Us, as well as rare jems such as 30 Minutes and the provocative russian video Prostie Dvizheniya! We have also uploaded all the english video's russian counterparts for those that prefer the ladies singing in their native language!

You can also sample some of the amazing new tracks from t.A.T.u.'s latest release - The Best - we have uploaded the breathtaking remixes of Loves Me Not, All The Things She Said and Lyudi Invalidy as well as the never before released Null and Void!

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