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02/13/2007: "Lena's handwriting analyzed"

Source: Tatu.ru

This time it's Lena's handwriting being analyzed. While counting down hours till Lena's and Julia's Valentine cards appear, make sure to read something a handwriting expert reveals about "red angel".

Lena's handwriting

Lena’s talent and the variety of her interests are evident. One can see abilities in arts as well as literary abilities. Her aesthetic tastes are well developed, she has an excellent feeling of color and form. The author of handwriting can make an excellent career in art - not only scenic, but also in painting, literary, poetic, design spheres.

Classical traditional feminity, softness, inner charm are significant and inherent.

Despite being a celebrity, deep inside Lena is a modest, subtle and conflict-free person. To be in good relationships with others, to be in harmony with an external world - one of her main needs and values. She is able to listen - and hear. She is very self-controlled, a bit restraint in expressing her feelings to the world. Lena is very attentive to little things, details in life, in relationships and work.

Respect for the ethics and moral norms is an extremely important value for her. Self-criticism, self-exactingness are highly developed. Her self-discipline inspire respect.

In certain situations Lena can be truly sentimental and romantic. However in her life-approach she tries to be realistic.

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on Saturday, February 17th, Noel said

ermm.. what does the handwriting expert have to say about Yulia's handwriting?? I'd like to know =P btw the above seems an extremely accuarate analysis!

on Tuesday, February 13th, Brendan said

Truly magical. Finally we can realize how much effort Lena puts into her writing.