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02/14/2007: "Volk's birthday! FEB 20TH!"

Alright, guys, aren't we all excited for miss Volkova's birthday this month? Of course we are! TatuMedia.net, along with AllMyLove.org, are going to create a mini-site for the celebration. There'll be HQ photos, fan-videos, graphics, audio, video, and other dedications!

So, if you'd like to dedicate a thing or two, we'd be glad to put it up with credit. We're sure Tatu.ru will have a thread for her birthday, and she might see it, so let's work extra hard for our dear Yulia and get noticed! Donations can be sent to amanda@allmylove.org and chad@tatumedia.net, include your name please.

If we can get enough comments, we'll gladly accept your wishes to her and put them up. We might even have a submit box on the mini-site for last minute wishes, if everyone takes to the idea. Suggestions are welcome for this work in progress.

Thank you!

PS. Mini-site will be hosted over at tatumedia.net!

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on Friday, February 16th, Amanda said

Yeah, they can. All submissions (wishes, graphics, other work) can be.

on Friday, February 16th, coco said

so can the wishes be sent to you via email or is it just for graphics etc?

on Thursday, February 15th, Amanda said

Ahahaha of course. ;) Shh...but Lena is AML staff's favorite!

on Thursday, February 15th, coco said

There better be one for Lena too this year...or else..

on Wednesday, February 14th, Taty Girl said

I can't wait for the site!!! And for Yulia's birthday...she growing so soon.... (sorry for my bad english)...