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02/21/2007: "In search of t.A.T.u. - more info"

Source: listok.ura.ru
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The group 'Tatu' has begun to work on a movie upon a book of Aleksej Mitrofanov "Tatu comeback", which the well-known Hollywood director Roland Joffe will shoot, writes "Factnews.ru".

In the film, the story is told about two girls, who fall in love for each other at a concert of the group 'Tatu'. They end up in prison for the murder of the mother of one of them, who impeded the relationship.

The sujet of the film is based on a story, which happened in real life, reports "Sobesednik" (sobesednik.ru).

American actresses will play the girls, and Yulya and Lena will play themselves, that is, sing at the concert.

Most parts of the movie will be shot presumably in Russia. But the whole picture is aimed primarily at western audience and therefore is written in english language, but there will be a translation into russian.

As Lena Katina told, the girls now have even more different things running.
"At present we don't even have time for solo concerts. We record the third album. Shortly after that our true fans can hear it. Besides the musical work Yulya and I plan to be engaged in producing soon", she tells.

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on Wednesday, February 21st, coco said

I hope this project pushes through, though I donīt think itīll be a masterpiece..