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03/13/2007: "New album + fan panics"

Source: Tatu.ru


We’ve never confuted hundreds of fantastic rumors written about t.A.T.u. many many times. Who could twit us about the habit “to bark” at every piece of information in every tabloid? We will continue following this tactics.

This time, however, is an exception due to… sorry about being harsh, mass insanity among our most loyal fans – forum members.

Even most cold blooded and poised of you changed their avatars (check Russian forum) into black squares, making most unthinkable guesses:
- Interscope didn’t let t.A.T.u. use record studio
- this wedding news was initiated to occupy fan’s minds while waiting for the new album
- Volkova will have another baby now and it all will end
- they don’t have a strategy
Etc, etc, etc…

Why all this panic on the edge of mourning?

Facts: Julia had vacations with her friend...

Parvis because she had some free time which she can spend the way she wants. Now Julia and Lena are in Moscow. March, 18 марта the girls are leaving for Los Angeles to start recording their new album at one of the studios in North Hollywood.THAT’S ALL THERE’S TO SAY.

Yes, one more thing: t.A.T.u. singer Julia Volkova did not get married and didn’t accept islam.


Here at allmylove.org, we never post information unless it's confirmed true. We're not naive enough, nor need the news enough to post about rumors. Such as Julia getting married and her conversion to Islam. We don't like confusing our visitors. ;)