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03/17/2007: "Video of Newsblock - Marriage confirmation"

Yulia: Yes, I got married. Yes, secretly.

Lazarev: Volkova, did you get married?
Yulia: Got married but I didn't tell you.
Lazarev: You see (to the reporter), she told me nothing.

Masha Weber: I don't want to speak about that.

Yulia: As for him already being married... I don't know. I think, I think... people simply speak about that. As for him having something in the past, so what... I had things in my past too. We put the past behind us. I don't consider it being a harem. In any case, I'm the first one and the only one.
Reporter: Maybe you are going to even get children?
Yulia: Maybe... we'll see about that.

Thanks forre and nathsolnyshko.

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on Sunday, March 18th, John said

i didn't want it to be true, or mayeb theyr fakes :cry: