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05/02/2007: "April Fan Art winner!"

Source: Tatu.Ru

We are proud to present April winner of Fan Art competition – Simone Bennett, a 22-year-old artist from England, who submitted almost a dozen of t.A.T.u. inspired portraits. Congratulations, Simone! We’re waiting for more

We’re now waiting for new submissions until the end of the month to announce our May winner and give this creative person some nice t.A.T.u. shop things. And… guys, let your art be truly original and unique. G.o.o.d. l.u.c.k.!


I know I'm going to be spammed with 'you should of won!'. I already have been. It's fine! I got an article posted, far more valuable. Do you agree? Congrats to the winner - cool artwork indeed!