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05/11/2007: "Troy Blog Entry"

Sorry I'm late on this entry, guys... I've been busy. Hope you understand.


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Wednesday, May 9, 2007
G'day from Australia!!! @ 9:25 PM EST
G'day Guys,

A huge G'DAY from AustraliaExclamation
Yes, I just landed in Melbourne Australia and its great to be home!
Its been over 2.5 years since I've been back to Australia. Dam I miss it!
I was starting to loose my Aussie accent! hehehe Only joking.
Going to be catching up with a lot of old friends and heading back to Traralgon, my home town, where I grew up. My old stomping ground! Where it all began!
Anyway I'm home for a little bit and very excited to catch up with family and friends. A few beers will be drank my friends!

So I guess most of you know by now that we didn't go to Egypt.
The show was cancelled last minute. But I have been told we will get there later this year. Fingers crossed!
So after my little catch up time here in OZ, I'll fly back to LA to continue working on my album and Tatu's.
I think Julia & Lena get back to LA soon to continue recording vocals too. No more news that end guys. But l'm looking forward to throwing down my guitar parts and bringing the ROCK to this album!

Really excited to get out and play some shows in LA.
Still waiting to hear news on those shows, but hopefully soon.
Thanks guys for all the support and e-mails.
Keep them coming! www.myspace.com/Troymaccubbinmusic
I will be releasing some other exciting things very soon too, before my album.
Can't say too much, just keep checking in.
Must run!
Talk soon guys!
More pics to come too!

Stay safe
Good on ya!