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05/17/2007: "t.A.T.u. about gay community"

Source: Tatu.ru

Dear friends!

We are addressing gay community in Russia and in the rest of the world in relation to Gay Parade being organized in Moscow on May, 26-27.

Were now in Los Angeles recording the new album. As always, our music will be about people and standing for people, about love and standing for love. We think that every person should express his or her love to another person in the way these two people wish, and no third parties may interfere with their dogmas. We are supporting people disregarding their sexual orientation or any other differences.

When t.A.T.u.s second album came out, many of our fans of alternative sexual orientation thought that we lied and betrayed them. This is not true! Weve never done that and weve always advocated love without boundaries.

We will really try to take a time-out in recording and come to Moscow to support you.

Julia and Lena, t.A.T.u.