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05/17/2007: "First Contest!"

Yes, AML is finally having it's first contest soon!

Everyone is welcome to enter! Whoever makes the most creative fake movie poster for the upcoming movie "Finding t.A.T.u.", will win a prize!

Full details will be announced later.

Replies: 7 Comments

on Friday, May 18th, Amanda said

2 weeks from when we start. ;)

on Friday, May 18th, coco said

whenīs the deadline?

on Friday, May 18th, Taty fan said

Hy!I wanna make the poster...I can't wait!Kiss ya!

on Friday, May 18th, Flo said

Count me in! I will take part in this contest, too. I canīt wait to do the poster!:)

on Friday, May 18th, coco said

I never win anything..but now I will. Prepare to be amazed :D

on Friday, May 18th, coco said

count me in!

on Thursday, May 17th, Spotchy said

Cool, I can't wait. :)