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09/02/2007: "Using our photos"

As you all know, we have a lot of HQ (high quality) photos, which most are exclusive and specifically for AML. If people do use photos, we atleast expect them to keep the tags on with credit. But then there are some ignorant people out there on the internet risky enough to take off the tags and not credit, even with permission from us. What's even worse, is that people RETAG them with their own ugly little tag. So please, unless you want to have your host contacted and you reported for redistributing content plus a bad reputation, don't use our photos in the wrong way. If you really want to use them, ask us.

This is a reminder, not a warning.

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on Monday, September 3rd, Lauren said

I was meaning use them as in the photo in a whole. But yes, it's perfectly fine! :)

on Monday, September 3rd, Amanda said

I didn't write this entry, but I'm sure Lauren and I agree that it's okay! Make as many avatars as you need. :)

on Monday, September 3rd, coco said

is it okay to use them as LQ pics(like make an avatar)?