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09/03/2007: "Lena's new diary entry!"

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Hello to every-every-everybody!
Want to share with you my impressions from vacations. Well, I had a break for the first time in the last three years. Can you imagine how happy I am??? So, one: When me and my sister arrived, the first couple of days I could not escape the thought that I needed to go somewhere and do something (I mean, interviews, shootings) and every time I realized that in fact I do not need to, I felt so relieved. Finally I’m on my own! By the way, we went to Italy, to Viareggio, little resort town at Toscana Coast. It’s just awesome! The sea, the sun… Two: the day we arrived we went to see “Bohema” by Puccini. It was very interesting to listen to Italian opera… The next day we went to Florence. Guys, it is a wonderful city with great architecture! We saw a lot – baptistery (only from the outside), Cathedral Church, Signoria Square with its beautiful sculptures, Uffizi Gallery, but we were there not that long. We came 40 minute before closing time, but we did see Botticelli and Da Vinci masterpieces. It was just incredible. The paintings almost breathed. I’ve never felt anything like that. Three: I finally visited Pisa and went to Field of Miracles (this is just the way it is named). My god, this is just magnificent. The Tower of Pisa is a real wonder of the world in every way! How’s it standing? On camera’s screen, though, the angle looks smaller for some reason. I’m so full of impressions. And I’m not going to tell you how cool it is to toast on the beach and swim in the sea – you know it yourself! Oh, one more cool town Lucca. So little, homely. These tiny streets, this architecture – great! The town inside the town. There’s a circular square there that was an amphitheater in the times of Roman Empire… All in all, I’m happy that I finally had vacations, got some rest and wonderful impressions. Italy is an awesome country. Just go there – incredible fun!
Muah! Your happy and rested Lenka!

P.S. Oh, and what wonderful food and restaurants! Wow! I'll have to work out