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09/06/2007: "Mischa Barton interview / Hello! mag"

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Hollywood actress Mischa Barton finished the shootings in Moscow

For some reason you immediately want to speak Russian with Mischa Barton. Blond hair, tender blush, big blue eyes - only a bit empty look betrays her. This is usual for foreigners who experience a language barrier. We talk in a trailer on the set of the movie Finding t.A.T.u., where Mischa plays the main character. Her character, a Russian girl from province Lana Starkova comes to conquer Moscow and after overcoming all difficulties becomes a famous singer. Mischa was also "lost in translation" and experienced some inconveniences. But it didn't spoil her impression about the country at all and for sure didn't affect her mood and her efficiency on set.

A year ago a "typically slavish" look of 21-year-old "The O.C." star was appreciated by director Roland Joffe, known to our audience for a movie "Vatel"; he invited her to work with him...in Russia. She agreed offhand and in just two months of shooting confessed that she felt herself "so Russian".

Mischa, by the way, what's the origin of your name? You've probably heard many times that it's Russian, but male.

It was my mom's idea to name me so. She just heard it somewhere and liked the way it sounded. My mom actually thinks that people with unusual name must have an unusual destiny.

What is your strongest impression after being two months in Russia?

Russia exceeded all my expectations. My friend warned me about cultural shock. But I didn't have it. I saw a country with an incredible culture and wonderful people. Russians are very patient and kind. I want to learn a lot from them.

And how about Russian men? Do they have any chance to win your heart?

I like Russian guys, they are very cute (Laughs) I met many attractive men in clubs, where my close friend invited me. And I won't deny that they have chances to get acquainted with me. Especially now, when I don't have a boyfriend.

Why did you decide to take part in this Russian-American project "Finding t.A.T.u."? Do you like the band?

Frankly I've never been a fan of t.A.T.u., but I got excited about the opportunity to work with them on the movie. You can't imagine how interesting Russian bands are for Americans. It's real exotics for us! I chose Roland Joffe's project also because it's an independent cinema. I don't want to be viewed as a "Californian girl" from "The O.C." show. I'm an actress who is able to play many different characters.

And what language do you speak with your partners on the movie set?

I tried to learn Russian, but, oh well, it was unsuccessful! My personal interpreter Lena helps to communicate and to pick up Russian accent. After all I have a complicated task - I must learn to speak English with Russian accent! Now I can understand some Russian expressions. Actually I like this feeling-at-home in Russia. I've recently moved from the hotel to an apartment on Stariy Arbat street.

Your apartment's conditions can be hardly compared to the hotel in Yaroslavl, where you spent two weeks. The conditions were probably "Spartan" there?...

Believe me, my Irish relatives also live quite a simple life. The only problem I had while staying in Yaroslavl is the absence of hot water. We didn't have it in the hotel for two days. But these difficulties helped me to better understand how Russians live. Actually Russia is a country of strong and clever people. And beautiful women.


Hollywood actress Mischa Barton spent the whole day on a yacht sailing in cold water of Moscow Canal, where Finding t.A.T.u. was filmed. Moscow impressed Mischa not less than her character - Lana Starkova, who according to the script, came to conquer the capital.

"I feel myself much older compared to my age mates because I usually among older and more serious people on movie sets".

In a crowd on Kazansky railway station one could hardly recognize either a Hollywood actress, or just a foreigner in this pretty young woman.

Ekaterina Vaseva / Hello! - Russia №32 / August, 7 2007