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09/14/2007: "A simple review :)"

I got my TRUTH DVD in the mail on Tuesday, the day of Amazon.jp's official release. I was like a little girl opening presents on Christmas, I was so lucky to have received it very quickly and others not. In general, I'm a very lucky t.A.T.u. fan, between my merchandise, the popularity of my site, and my media collection of audio, HQ photos, and video.

I took advantage of my situation of having TRUTH so early. I've literally been playing it non-stop, in my DVD player on my TV, in my DVD player on my wide computer screen-- neither of them better than the other.

The intro gives me shivers. Starting with the girls speaking in Russian, fading into the band playing instruments fastly and loudly, with fireworks going into a shaking image of the legendary "t.A.T.u." and fans in the background, purely excited and ready for the show.

Before you know it, the LI intro is playing, and the girls are being shined on by a spotlight in dark, black coats. They are the main attraction. Quickly you hear Lena's pure, haunting voice begin to sing. And Yulia picks up her lead. You know now the show has begun.

And what do you expect at a t.A.T.u. show with over 10,000 fans, fire and explosions, video imagery, and Lena and Yulia singing their hearts out?

One hell of a show that my writing couldn't do it justice.

What makes the difference aside from the amazing quality and new angles, is that inbetween every few songs are bonus materials, and if you use your imagination, can show a bit of what is behind the scenes. And the effort that is put into making a show the best it can be.

TRUTH is not only what t.A.T.u. show in their concerts (10,000 or 10), not only in their one-of-a-kind voices, not only in their love for each other, and not only in their well-known videos. TRUTH is t.A.T.u., and this DVD shows it, as much as it can be shown.

Long live t.A.T.u.

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on Friday, September 14th, Jessica said

That's awesome! =D Are there any subtitles?

on Friday, September 14th, Lauren said

Great, Panda!

on Friday, September 14th, alex said

You're the lucky girl in the world. :D :D :)