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09/20/2007: "Lena on remixes"

Source: Blog.tatu.ru

Neon Magazine (Russia) asked Lena Katina to be one of the experts in discussing REMIXES.

Lena Katina (t.A.T.u.)

Miracle of Song's Rebirth

I got serious about remixes after we had to deal with them in our work. Before that I just listened to the music on the radio and didn't question myself if a song was an original track or a cover version. Many years ago, when our songs were not played a lot, we visited some club and heard a remix on Ya Soshla S Uma, which surprised us very much. That moment I realized that any song can be given a second wind with the right remixing.

Copy or Original

Remix is a secondary product and it is rarely as interesting as the original song. A remixed song sounds much brighter and more interesting when it's remixed by a DJ who already has his or her own style and who's able to make this remixed song a self-sufficient music product. For example, the new version of Ludi-Invalidi song made by Vanya Kilar is great work and is perceived as something new. I used to play this remix in my car for quite a while.

About Demand and Different Offers

Usually we work with DJ's through a record label that gets remixes from Russian and foreign professionals. DJ must fix all copyright issues and copyright usually belongs to a record label. But if an artist hears a cool remix that is already done, the remix has all chances to appear on the album. It's cool that there are many gifted arrangers and musicians in this field in Russia now. The important thing for us is the result, and we don't care where this professional comes from.

Who Needs Remixes

Actually any song can be remixed - it all depends on your wish. But still there're songs and artists that are self-sufficient and don't need remixes. The latter is true about real rock bands. Why remix "Chaif" or "Kino" songs (Russian rock bands - blog.tatu.ru)? Many remixes on t.A.T.u. songs have been made. Several thousands of professional and fan-remixes exist. We even have an album of remixes - it's a necessary thing in today's music band's collection.