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09/28/2007: "Information on Upravlenie Otbrosami / Beliy Plashik"

Source: Blog.tatu.ru

All tracks and vocals for the Russian album are ready. Mixing and mastering are scheduled for the beginning of November, which means that we can start printing the CDs at the end of November - beginning of December. It all will depend on the strategy of the local record-company that will distribute the album in Russia and CIS (I can't tell the label right now; when I can - I will).

The video for Beliy Plashik will be ready by the beginning of November.
Why are we shooting in Los Angeles? Not because of the "coolness" or inertia, but for purpose.

It's not because of the city itself - there will be no city in the video, actually. In that sense the video for Beliy Plashik can be shot anywhere, just like many other previous t.A.T.u. videos. It's because to get the result you and we want, we need People, with the level of professionalism we know and with whom we worked before. And those people are in Los Angeles.

California is far away and it's the less preferable choice considering Julia's pregnancy. But our Julia will be a hero: Being 6++ months pregnant she'll fly across the ocean and back and will do the video. Hard work.