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10/20/2007: "New layout"

The truth is, behind the scenes, weve been discussing a new AML layout since a month after version 3. Weve went through at least 15 different test layouts, made by myself, Lauren, Tim, etc. Nothing seem to be good enough. But then we realized, its not that big of a deal. We can change the layout often, and our visitors would be more pleased that way. So, on the spur of the moment, a friend of mine with a site called untitledpixels.org designed us a layout.

And with that, weve been working hard to bring you this new version, with moving, coding, writing, and adding new content. Have a look around and tell us what you think. P.S. the site is going to be under construction for a few hours.

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on Tuesday, October 23rd, Amanda said

Thank you very much, Serena.

on Tuesday, October 23rd, Serena said

For some reason, I think this layout is amazing. I love everything about it. Love it.

on Monday, October 22nd, .Freak. said

Ooow *.*
I love it

on Monday, October 22nd, Lauren said

"graphic is quite messy/mediocre" Agreed, but we have to work with what we get. We're going to start making more layouts and using them a shorter amount of time, so it won't be a terribly long wait. :)

on Monday, October 22nd, random said

I like the grey but the graphic is quite messy/mediocre (hope it wont stay long). Anyways, nice change of phase from the pink :)
All the usefull information, placed professionally. great job.

on Sunday, October 21st, Agus00 said

Hi Amanda, the new layout it's great, Congatulations, Your site is the best, BYE.


on Sunday, October 21st, Agnes said

OMG! The new layout are so perfect.

Congrats... Amanda.

on Sunday, October 21st, Vicente said

wow new layout! is great!!

on Sunday, October 21st, Sarah said

Ooooh I like it!
The colours, the image header..so pretty!

on Sunday, October 21st, tatuboi99 said

omg i luv it <3 so hot i think its bettr than ur earliyer layout. i love it much.