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12/03/2007: "Vote for Beliy Plaschik – MC Radio 107,2 FM"

Source: Tatysite.net forum

Vote for t.A.T.u.’s pre-single “Beliy Plaschik” on torama.ru – MC Radio 107,2 FM. Click here then click the dot next to their name/single in Cyrillic. t.A.T.u. are already in 2nd place with over 120 votes. You can only vote once every hour.

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on Wednesday, December 12th, Meg said

Just a question, cause I have been voting like crazy on this, what is this for exactly? And when does it end? Does it ever end?

on Tuesday, December 4th, Nero The Hero said

t.A.T.u is the better from this list after " The Rasmus " is coming and " Tokio Hotel " , i hope t.A.T.u win 'cause they are the better , i love you t.A.T.u , i'm voting everytimes

on Monday, December 3rd, t.A.T.u, Fan said

t.A.T.u. are 1st now with 395 votes, beating Tokio Hotel by almost 100 votes!

on Monday, December 3rd, Amanda said

free me, es no MTV Rusia. Este es el "MC Radio 107,2 FM" en Rusia.

on Monday, December 3rd, free me said

en que puesto esta tatu en mtv? amanda i'm sorry i dont speak english you speak a little spanish?

on Monday, December 3rd, Anastasia said

that is so weird....im from Mordovia. lol.
i hope tatu wins, but everyone there does adore tokio hotel....no clue why though

on Monday, December 3rd, Jessica said

I'm voting every hour. ^^

on Monday, December 3rd, Nichey Kto-to or Julia said

t.A.T.u. better win!!!