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12/20/2007: "Gallery Update: Maxim photoshoot"

Source: maximonline.ru

t.A.T.u. kick off the new year with a revealing photoshoot for Decemberís issue of Maxim.

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on Thursday, January 10th, triana said

oh my god i think lena's women& julia the man

on Wednesday, January 9th, Dimas said

Julia looks like a Cleopatra :)

on Saturday, December 22nd, Ryan said

i love them both so very much, i hope i can see them soon, and does anyone actually know when julia is due birth?? i hope its on christmas day, it wud b ace :)

on Friday, December 21st, zephroelectro said

sooo hot. yulia is beautiful. and she must be soo close to the due date too o.o

on Friday, December 21st, jenn said

Wowzers. Those are hot! I hope they have more. (I love Yulia's stomach, by the way.)