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12/24/2007: "t.A.T.u.’s Christmas cards"

Source: Tatu.ru

As an addition to the video greeting, t.A.T.u. wished fans “happy holidays” with Christmas cards. The pictures in the cards are of t.A.T.u. celebrating Christmas, separately, when they were small children.

Lena’s cardYulia’s card

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on Thursday, December 27th, Jenn said

Aww! Those are cute! That's kind of them.

(And I agree. Yulia's card had me giggling.)

on Tuesday, December 25th, zephroelectro said

aww such lovely cards!

on Tuesday, December 25th, Sarah said

Lol, Yulia's card XDDD
I so love them <3

on Tuesday, December 25th, Melinda said

Cards are great, Yulia and Lena are so kind... I love them..
Btw, Amanda, can I be in your affiliaties? Aswer on my blog in Shoutbox, or on my e-mail. :) Merry Christmas...

on Monday, December 24th, Meg said

Does Yulia's card really say F you on it? xD Both are cute.