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12/26/2007: "New Viva magazine"

Source: Tatu.ru

t.A.T.u. have recorded the new album and have shot the new video – and all this in the time when Yulia was expecting her second child. This interview was a surprise for Viva! – the young women turned out to be much more serious than you’ve always thought.

The talk with Lena and Julia – in the new issue of Viva! magazine that is out today.

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on Friday, December 28th, nastya said

yulia looks amazing
lena--i love you, but thre braids are for black ppl--sorry(not trying to b racist)

on Thursday, December 27th, Jenn said

AHHHH! Lena is making that really weird face my mom makes when she smiles. She like, bites her tongue as she smiles. It's so weird!(It looks cute when Lena does it, though. ^^)

on Thursday, December 27th, zephroelectro said

lol whats with Lena's random hand gesture =D