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12/29/2007: "Lena’s phone conversation with fans"

Source: Tatysite.net forum
Thanks to nathalie

December 29th, fans arranged another “fan gathering” in Paris, France, with fans from all across Europe. t.A.T.u.’s management arranged for Lena to chat with fans over the phone. During the 15-minute phone call, fans asked Lena about her plans for New Years, Yulia’s baby, the next t.A.T.u. video and more.

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on Wednesday, January 9th, zephroelectro said

Ale, she was making fun of Lena. They probably didn't want anyone to think that but its obvious what her intentions where =(

on Tuesday, January 8th, Evin said

Ya I really didnt like it when she was making fun of Lena,who was sweet enough to call a small group of fans. . and the reason provided by the girl for the hand motions doesnt make sense at all.I cant see Lena or Yulia making another call after that.

on Wednesday, January 2nd, Ale said

The woman wasn't making fun of Lena, they said in a comment on youtube that it was for make everyone else more secure to ask more questions to Lena.

on Sunday, December 30th, zephroelectro said

this was interesting, but I found it very rude when that lady was making fun of Lena while she was talking. I would love to give her a few words of my mind.

on Sunday, December 30th, Jenn said

Haha. I would be so weirded out if I had a group of people I've never heard of calling me and asking such direct questions about my life. I wonder if they are used to it? I guess so.

on Saturday, December 29th, SK said