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01/09/2008: "MTV.ru voting for “Beliy Plaschik” re-opened"

As you may have noticed, voting for MTV Russia’s “Video of the Year” temporarily closed after thousands of votes last week. Now it’s re-opened. We encourage all fans to start voting for “Beliy Plaschik” again, we sure will!

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on Sunday, January 13th, andy said

guys mc radio has started the votes again dont let tokio shit b in the lead on this one go vote

on Sunday, January 13th, JC said

TH is in the lead again...

on Saturday, January 12th, Jessica said

And they're back to #1 again. :)

on Saturday, January 12th, JC said

Now tokio hotel is back in the lead! We gotta vote!

on Friday, January 11th, Jessica said

Woot! Tatu are now in the lead.

on Thursday, January 10th, Monica said

Ciao! come on guys let's vote! I can't believe that Tokyo Hotel are at the first place... it's impossible!!!please vote for our girls!