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01/20/2008: "MTV.ru voting for “Beliy Plaschik” ending soon"

Source: t.A.T.u.’s myspace

Voting for the MTV Music Video of the Year 2007 ends tomorrow – 21st January at 15:00 (Moscow Time)! Currently, t.A.T.u. holds the 2nd spot in the voting ranks, we’re just a little behind in the running for the first place spot – which is currently held by Tokio Hotel.

We need your votes to help get us back to number 1 in time for tomorrow! Instructions on how to vote can be seen below!

Thanks to all our fans who have been voting so far! You can vote numerous times, so even if you’ve voted already, please vote again!

To vote, please click on the link shown in the picture below…

A pop-up box will then appear. You are required to type the number shown into the text box. Once you’ve typed the number – simply click the button to register your vote.

Thank you for your support guys, and especially to all the people who have been voting numerous times.

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on Monday, January 21st, JC said

I Know!! I couldn't vote for the last 8 minutes of votation

on Monday, January 21st, brit said

stupid cheating tokio hotel fans we would of won if it wasnt for them c logging up the server with their cheating program

on Monday, January 21st, JC said

Seriously Vote. I didn't get up at 3 in the morning for nothing!! we can win guys!!!

on Monday, January 21st, t.A.T.u.WARRIOR said

CAME ON, LET`S FIGHT, we have a hour yet, that crap stay in the first position, no possible, please vote more now!!!!

on Monday, January 21st, tatyforever said

please, keep on voting!!!! we are the first now, but tokio hotel isd getting closer and closer. c'mon guys!!!
let's make belyi plashick the best 2007 video!!!! vote!!!!!

on Sunday, January 20th, JC said


on Sunday, January 20th, JC said

besides that Beliy Plaschik is simple the best video!! Keep voting!

on Sunday, January 20th, DJ said

C'mon, guys. We can't lose to Tokio Hotel. A Russian music competition should be won by a Russian band, at the very least.

on Sunday, January 20th, t.A.T.u.WARRIOR said

For the love of *YULIA AND LENA* "t.A.T.u." please don`t stop to vote for Beliy Plaschik. Now it`s only avalible 16 hours until finish the votation, so well I trust we can following vote and give the best position to MY MORE THAN PERFECTS GIRLS *YULIA AND LENA* "t.A.T.u.", we can`t surrender and remember the decision will be in our hands!!!!!

on Sunday, January 20th, JC said

We are so close! We've been voting to long to lose now. So vote!