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01/28/2008: "New Lena blog"

Source: Tatu.ru

Gu-u-uys! At the beginning of January I bestowed my lovely girlfriend in marriage! The wedding was great! So much fun! It’s just newly-married were forced to kiss way too much! Pictures are coming, but later. And after the wedding I had a feeling that the childhood’s totally over… By the way, I acted as witness for the first time. And now we’re leaving for Cuba to relax with Nastya for two weeks! We’ve had this dream to spend holidays in couples – and it came true! I’ll share my impressions after vacation and until then – bye! Lena

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on Monday, January 28th, DJ said

...Jessica, I hate you. I'm going to have nightmares filled with speedos now...

on Monday, January 28th, Jessica said

Wow, so it looks like Lena's going on vacation this time! With Andrei...ooo boy, imagine him in a speedo. ;) Lena has amazing taste. *ahem*