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02/04/2008: "t.A.T.u.’s White Robe Gets Into Charts – Vote, guys!"

Source: t.A.T.u.’s myspace

Hello, friends!

Starting from today “Beliy Plaschik” (“White Robe”) is in the playlists of the “Music Of The First” channel.

You can vote in this channel's chart by pressing the t.A.T.u.’s line here:


See how it looks: http://www.tatu.ru/gimg/2230.jpg

You can support the band with your voting in “Russian 10” chart on MTV-Russia here: http://www.mtv.ru/air/charts/rutop10/vote.wbp

The steps are: 1) open the link; 2) get rid of annoying ad; 3) locate the position of “t.A.T.u. - Beliy Plaschik”, and mark it,
4) press voting button (see how it looks: http://www.tatu.ru/gimg/2229.jpg )

Thank you! Spasibo!

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on Tuesday, February 5th, mONIC@ said

umm...i've voted on the chart but nothing happened... i'm not sure it worked. is it a my own problem or is it right in this way?