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02/06/2008: "Gallery Update: Alexey Mitrofanov Birthday [HQ]"

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on Monday, February 11th, DJ said

She's such a natural beauty; she doesn't need the fake tan or heavy makeup or any of that.

on Saturday, February 9th, JC said

You should, cuz its true!

on Saturday, February 9th, DJ said

Ah, understood. But I stand by the tan comment. :-)

on Thursday, February 7th, Jessica said

Well I like Yulia's dress anyway. But I agree with you people...the tanning is getting a bit excessive. lol

on Thursday, February 7th, Amanda said

I'm sorry for the confusion, DJ. These pictures are from March, 2007 before Yulia was announced pregnant. I posted them only because they're rare HQ.

on Thursday, February 7th, JC said

These are from before she gave birth, the picture from t.A.T.u. finished dubbing for “Finding t.A.T.u.” is after pregnancy. I agree though, she really should go easy on the fake tan:)

on Thursday, February 7th, DJ said

Well, Yulia's looking good after the pregnancy- much the same as ever. But seriously... girlfriend could stand to go easy on the fake tan. She's orange. And is that her hair or a wig?