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02/13/2008: "Possibility of a t.A.T.u. performance at UCSB, California"

Source: Dailynexus.com / allmylove.org

According to Russian Club Treasurer Corinne Seals, “We’re really excited to bring t.A.T.u. here because they are such a big name and they would further promote contemporary Russian culture,” Seals said. “Their performance will go along with our clubs overall theme.” The concert will take place on March 6 in the Hub and admission will be free for students at the UCSB. It is uncertain whether or not additional tickets may be purchased for additional non-student viewers since the Hub’s capacity is only 800 people. In addition, board member Paige Blatt said that “because of the size of the trip, it would be difficult to accommodate any more participants.”

Corinne Seals exclusively reveals to us, “I’m not really able to confirm anything at this point (sorry to dash any hopes). As the Nexus reported, a possible concert is in the works, and we would absolutely love to welcome t.A.T.u. Being a major fan of t.A.T.u myself, I understand how exciting this possibility is. However, we’re still discussing this on multiple levels with the parties, so I’d like to respect this process and t.A.T.u.’s camp by not really going into detail on this at this time. Once everything is confirmed, I will definitely be able to talk to you more.”

More information coming soon as it progresses.

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on Saturday, February 16th, TATULOVER said

if TATU performs in California that still will not help me because I live in Connecticut!!! =[

on Friday, February 15th, Erica said

I really want to go...they better allow non-students. Being fans of t.A.T.u. Im sure they understand how hard it is to see them live when you live in the USA

on Thursday, February 14th, XX said

Exciting. I know just the train to get there!

on Wednesday, February 13th, whilykitt said

I sure hope this is true, and they allow non-students...