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02/16/2008: "Troy’s Debut Single “Never Walk Away”"

Source: TroyMaccubbin.com

The debut single and video “Never Walk Away” from Troy Maccubbin was released on January 29th, 2008. Unfortunately because of events within AML and following the possible t.A.T.u. appearance at UCSB, we neglected to report it then. You can watch the video for “Never Walk Away” below. The single is a clash between pop/rock and features some light electro elements that t.A.T.u. fans are sure to enjoy. If you’d like to purchase Troy’s new single, a digital download is available on iTunes’ store for just $0.99. In addition, Troy’s site and MySpace have been updated with new pictures and information. Troy’s debut album is set to be released “very soon” according to his official site.

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on Monday, February 18th, IRANTATU said


on Sunday, February 17th, DJ said

Wow, that was... totally forgettable. The lyrics were unimaginative, and the song itself was too long- Troy started to sound like a vocal loop. He's a good musician, but his singing is very middle-of-the-road. And the video itself was kinda lame.

on Sunday, February 17th, Tosia said

I think Troy's trying to copy t.A.T.u.'s music, especially with that electronic bit in the song- sounds quite similar to ATTSS if you ask me...

on Saturday, February 16th, Hakura said

Nice :D

on Saturday, February 16th, Jessica said

I'm alright. ^^ Troy's a hottie.