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02/20/2008: "Gallery Update: Yulia with fans on February 20th"

Source: Tatu.ru forum

t.A.T.u. fans visited Yulia near her parentsí home in Moscow, Russia for her 23rd birthday. Thanks to Fanta (tatu.ru forum).

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on Sunday, February 24th, Jessica said

Gorgeous lady.

on Thursday, February 21st, TATULOVER said

She looks beautiful!!!!

on Wednesday, February 20th, JC said

I agree, I think she looks SOOOO much better without the heavy make-up and tanning

on Wednesday, February 20th, DJ said

So much cuter without the pancake makeup. I mean, she's still got makeup on in these shots, obviously, but she's no longer in Dangerous and Orange territory. I suspect natural light helps as well.