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02/21/2008: "New Lena Diary Entry"

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Hi, everybody! Thatís me again! : ))
Well, Cuba is a fairy tale! Iím full of excitement!
The ocean is powder-blue, absolutely pure water and white sand! Palm trees, sun, heat… It was disappointing to come back to cold snowy Moscow, but still thereís something good – I was home-sick…
It was the first time we traveled in couples. I wrote that my best friend got married – so this was a kind of honeymoon trip for her and her husband! Such cuties :)) I just love them so much!!!
The first impression – everything is super, but when you get out of resort area – you get shocked! There are houses on my photos where ordinary people live – it's a nightmare! Children come out to you, wave hands to the passing cars, clothes hanging down from ropes, the poverty is horrible… And you surely see that thereís socialism in the country. Average wages are $10-15 a month and some goods are still being sold for coupons. You can see Che Guevara everywhere – he is a national hero.

Habana is very beautiful. Weíve been to the Floriditta Bar where Hemingway liked to drink daiquiri, to Parisian Cabaret – it is now considered better than Tropicana. We traveled to Caribbean coast – beauty! And I held a crocodile! Well, I screamed a while before taking it with my hands! Then we traveled to a cave with underground lake in it, we yachted a river – I even dived from the second deck! What an adrenaline! We rode horses, drank tasty sugarcane juice, mojito, pino-colada, coconut milk, coffee… Walked around a 200-year-old baobab… All in all, we had a very good holidays! I think everyone should visit these places at least once. The only bad thing is service. Itís literally the land of sleep there! If you ask for an ashtray they may not bring it at all or bring after 20-30 minutes, and you'll need to remind them five times.
Well, thatís almost an essay Iíve just written!

: )) Kisses!

P.S. Photos will be later, guys!

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on Sunday, March 2nd, kelly w said

i love you tatu and it looks like you had a good time there and that makes me happy lol and lena i love u u r the best tatu for life let u be happy for life

on Sunday, February 24th, mohamad from iran said

Excuse me maybe you have had a good time in cuba.you are the best girls that i have ever seen.i love u more than yulia does.i love yulia too...im sorry

on Sunday, February 24th, mohamad from IRAN said

maybe you have had a good time in cuba.you are the best girls that i have ever seen.i love u more than yulia

on Sunday, February 24th, Behnam(IraNtATu) said

I love You Lena