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02/22/2008: "Audio/Gallery Update: t.A.T.u. on “Love Radio”"

Source: allmylove.org / loveradio.ru

t.A.T.u. were interviewed on Love Radio 1,06 FM at 1:00 PM (Moscow Time) today. We were able to cap part 1 of the interview in HQ, click here to download. Part 2 and a translation will be posted if and when available. A video of the girls arriving at Love Radio is available here.

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on Thursday, March 6th, Sarah said

Lol at first, when they arrived, Yulia had this expression on her face like: 'leave me alone I don't want to talk to you and your stupid camera, it's just buisness what I am here for and nothing else!!!!'

on Sunday, February 24th, Jessica said

Ooo...yeah, I see what you guys mean. You can see a white mark around her eyes and then her skin is all tan. Well she's still gorgeous so MEH! Lena looks smexy. =)

on Sunday, February 24th, Taty Girl said

Girls are beautiful, specially Yul. She's sooo cute!

on Friday, February 22nd, JC said

I just happen to think she looks better with her natural skin tone, thats all. but of course she looks great no matter what. I mean come on, we are talking about Yulia here:)

on Friday, February 22nd, Tim said

Her raccoon eyes are the best!

on Friday, February 22nd, Ryan said

well personally i dont think its any of your places to judge anyone, she does what she wants and i respect that. so what if she over does it, if she likes it then fair play. so stop bickering about how other people look. i love my perfect Julia, nothing can im-perfect her :)

on Friday, February 22nd, JC said

Yeah, I think she looks good tan as well, I just don't want to see her over do it like she used to. No one likes an orange Yulia:)

on Friday, February 22nd, svEn said

I don't think it's the tanning itself that fans complain about. It's the fact that she can sometimes overdo it. No one likes an orange Yulia.
As for the interview...it looks like it's fading to me, so that might be why it looks bad. I'm no expert in tanning, though, sooo...meh.

on Friday, February 22nd, Meg said

Just a question to some other fans - Is the tanning such a bad thing to ya guys? I've seen many comments on how she looked bad during the D&M period. Personally, I think she looks good tan. I know it's bad for your skin and thats a reason not to do it, but I never thought she looked bad... Thanks for the pics, love her hair, too..

on Friday, February 22nd, JC said

Looks like she has started to tan again....