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02/24/2008: "New Yulia Diary Entry"

Source: Tatu.ru

Hello-hello! Guys, thank you so much for your messages on the forum, thank you to those, who came to my home to say Happy birthday! So awesome! Thank you that you remember and love me! As always it was a celebration with a family, close friends and our team – and of course paparazzi. Some dude showed up at the restaurant and sat near our company – “to eat” – the guy had cameras and recorders all over him. But we quickly figured him out. Somebody was shooting us from the outside... But this is unimportant. So many people congratulated me on that day! And so many presents! Serezha Lazarev gave me a bag, actually so many bags were among the gifts! Lena's present was a special jewelry box shaped as a house and Parvis presented me 501 roses and a Mercedes!
Such a great day…
I am 23!!!

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on Sunday, March 2nd, kelly w said

sounds ace i wish i had a b-day like that lol i hope u didi have fun yuila and love u so much u r so lucky

on Tuesday, February 26th, NS said

Damn. 501 roses AND a Mercedes? ... Anyone know if Parvis has a brother? LOL

on Tuesday, February 26th, DJ said

Hehe, gotcha. Attitude towards celebrity is a funny thing, no? People read the articles, then bash the people they're about for being rich and famous. It's kind of a quandary- "can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em."

on Monday, February 25th, svEn said

Haha, we were in no way referring to your comment. Amanda posted that after having to delete comments from several people who have nothing else better to do than bash celebrities for what they have. A lot of nonsense, really.

Also, I gotta agree with you...anyone who gets their own shirt depicting their driving skills would do well with getting a strong car. :P

on Monday, February 25th, DJ said

I wasn't trying to be mean... I just think it's funny. I mean, I got striped socks for my birthday. Our birthdays are one day apart, but we exist in totally different worlds. Although in all fairness, getting Yulia a car with a strong frame like a Mercedes is probably a good idea, as I've heard her driving is pretty crazy... there's even a t-shirt about it over at tatu.ru.

on Monday, February 25th, Amanda said

No hateful comments.

on Sunday, February 24th, JC said

LOL DJ:). Sounds like a pretty sweet b-day.

on Sunday, February 24th, Jessica said

WOW...sounds like a spectacular birthday. Yulia's so lucky!

on Sunday, February 24th, DJ said

*makes mental note to mention 501 roses and a Mercedes on next birthday wish list* :-)