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02/26/2008: "t.A.T.u.’s upcoming performances"

Source: Tatu.ru

6 March – Santa Barbara / USA
Place: University of California, Santa Barbara
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March, 25 – Minsk / Belarus
Place: Ice Arena
Curtain: 7 PM
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March, 28 – Dubai / UAE
Place: Dubai Media City
Curtain: 7:30 PM
Doors: 4:30 PM
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on Wednesday, February 27th, svEn said

Well the concert was funded by an organization within the school, so it makes perfect sense that it'd be a student-only event. Quite fair, in my opinion.

on Wednesday, February 27th, Al said

If it is going to be just for UCSB students it's very lame. Not fair, anyway.

I was happy when I read they were going to USA and now I'm disappointed.

on Wednesday, February 27th, B said

OMG- they're performing in the U.S.!!!!!!!!

on Wednesday, February 27th, DJ said

Well, hopefully this'll mean some better quality live recordings of new songs... the existing ones of Little People and You and I are dreadful quality.

on Wednesday, February 27th, woooow im from uae said

i willlllll commmmmeeee wooooow yahhhooooooooooooooooooooo

on Tuesday, February 26th, svEn said

Mmmmmyeah. We already knew that. Thanks for your concern, though.

on Tuesday, February 26th, Mandogg said


I just got a confirmation from Corrine Seals that only UCSB students will be allowed at this performance, so please, no one try and get there unless it's the next town over or anything!!!