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03/02/2008: "New Insider Blog"

Source: Blog.tatu.ru

I canít talk too much, or the enigma will be compromised. I can only tell that the video will be colorful, nothing in common with WR. Shooting will occur on the March, 2.

Girls will presumably stay in the US until the March, 12 (days after the appearance at UCSB will be used for rehearsals of old and new repertoire together with our band).

Photos from location will be published as soon as we can.

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on Monday, March 3rd, Jessica said

More COLORFUL? That tells me nothing. More details. I feel like I'm going through some severe withdrawal symptoms here. Still though...it is good news. :)

on Sunday, March 2nd, Ryan said

im a mega tATu fan, i think that tATu need to be commercialized alot more but keep the faness they have. keep the messages they try to get accross, dress as they want to dress, be what they wanna be without becoming what the public want - role models - things like that make a band become big headed and change completely. all i want is tATu to be succesful and love what they do more than ever.

love you girls XxXxX