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03/04/2008: "“Beliy Plaschik” maxi-single cover"

Source: Tatu.ru forum

Tatu.ru released the official cover of the upcoming “Beliy Plaschik” maxi-single. It was revealed in December that the CD will contain the song, remixes, uncensored video, and possibly a karaoke version. At the moment, there is no confirmed release date of the single.

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on Thursday, March 6th, dushkucalling said

Oh my god, thanks Natasha!!!
It's true! Get back girls!!!

on Thursday, March 6th, coco said

awful cover but a wonderful single.

on Thursday, March 6th, zephroelectro said

I almost wet my paints just seeing all this.

I so want one of those limited plate releases O.O

on Wednesday, March 5th, Natasha said

It's a trick. Click "no" on the image when you click the White Robe website. It brings you to the main page for White Robe.

on Tuesday, March 4th, JC said

I like it, can't wait! Don't understand why it says power though... I wonder what the bonus is?