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03/26/2008: "Informtion on “Beliy Plaschik” maxi-single"

Source: Blog.tatu.ru

Guys, all the talks about hyperion-plate hitting the stores on Monday or Tuesday are speculations. In fact, we’re not releasing it even by the end of March (I’ve imagined this tornado of hatred that will drop upon Boris Renski’s head after these words… well, he’ll deal with it, he’s not a kid).

In the nearest time we’ll give the exact dates of the following events:

- hyperion-plate release date
- 220 radio premiere
- 220 video premiere
- Upravleniye Otbrosami release date

I swear it all will happen soon - not later, than December, 31. JUST KIDDING.

Speaking seriously, though, we’re adding such a surprise to the hyprion-plate that… you’ll forgive everything.