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06/02/2008: "220 video premiere"

Source: Tatu.ru

On the night from 4th to 5th of June t.A.T.u. will premiere their new video 220 on Youtube.

In the nearest future 220 will premiere on MTV (Ukraine), Viva! (Poland), MAD TV (Greece), MAD TV (Bulgaria) and on several Russian music channels.

MUZ-TV and MTV-Russia refused to play 220.

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on Wednesday, June 4th, Ryan said

they refused 2 play the video becoz tatu are becoming an independant band and these channels dont really support that. its in the ne tatu blog post by Insider on the official tatu site.
luvin tatu 4eva 1999-4eva ;)

on Wednesday, June 4th, zephroelectro said

The fact that MTV-Russia won't play it makes me want to see it even more now :D

on Tuesday, June 3rd, Jenn said

lmao. Those Tatu girls sure live an interesting life.

on Tuesday, June 3rd, Sarah said

Oh and I'm not saying that is the reasons..I was just supposing :p

on Tuesday, June 3rd, Sarah said

Are they refusing to play it because they sing 'little rabbits on the wall are dying after the sunset' XD?
While Yulia once shot a guy (AAU), blew up Lena (30 minutes), masturbated (prostye dvizenhiya), kissed with Lena(ATTS) and ran a guy over with a truck (NGGU).
And while Lena let Yulia got shot into pieces while being pregnant (BP) XD?
Weird folks, weird.

on Monday, June 2nd, Jenn said

Hurrah! Hooray!

on Monday, June 2nd, Manuhe said

I dont get It, why they refuse to play this 220? They already play Beliy Plaschik, All About Us, Ludi Invalidi, and they are adult videos!!! :S

on Monday, June 2nd, DJ said

Hmm... too much t.A.T.u. scandal even for Russian tv? Interesting. I guess they were't kidding about it being "colorful". Perhaps that wasn't as literal a comment as we thought. *is still waiting grimly for management to pull the rug out from under us and delay the video, but hopes not*

on Monday, June 2nd, Kiwi said

Odd that they would refuse to play it... now I'm really curious.

on Monday, June 2nd, Robbert said

What the hell?!?!?! Their own country won't play possibly their best music video yet? That's messed up. But I wish they would just release it today. It's still only the second here in the US. But oh well. I hope russian MTV and Muz-Tv get's the picture of premiering it. =)