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06/04/2008: "220 video"

Source: YouTube.com

Official music video for 220 has premiered on YouTube.com.

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on Thursday, June 5th, Justyna said

their movies are so effin awsome :]
i mean i finally see them dance in a video :D

on Thursday, June 5th, Jenn said

Wait a moment....why won't they show this on MUZ TV? lmao.

on Thursday, June 5th, Jenn said

I seriously think this is one of their best videos. I like it because it's simple and clean, and they have awesome dance moves and outfits. I was never really a big fan of their more scandalous stuff, like Beliy Plaschik. They are all so....well, those kind of videos were getting old. They needed a fresh boost like this. But whatevs, that's just my opinion.

on Wednesday, June 4th, DJ said

That was... um... anti-climactic? I kept waiting for a t.A.T.u.-style twist of some kind, and there was nothing. Beliy Plaschik blows this out of the water!

on Wednesday, June 4th, B said

Well, I must say that I was disappointed but it was still good! They're so beautiful!! :]

on Wednesday, June 4th, Mia said

Not impressed. But it was good.

on Wednesday, June 4th, Kiwi said

Agreed that Beliy Plaschik was way better, buuut they can't all be amazing videos I guess. Either way, fun to watch. Nothing special, though.

on Wednesday, June 4th, Opheliac said

This video was catchy, but Beliy Plaschik was WAY better.

In my opinion.

But I like their dance moves!