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06/04/2008: "June 6 concert postponed"

Source: Tatu.ru

Guys, the premiere of our new video is being saddened by terrible event – Yulia got sick. Seriously sick. We can not reveal the details (I hope you do understand us), but the fact is – the girls didn’t leave today for the US, where on June, 6 a concert was scheduled. Naturally, the concert is being postponed for an uncertain period of time. To say we are upset is to say nothing. This is the second show in a row with troubles in the last two weeks, and I am very sorry I did not pay enough attention to Yulia’s health after her trip to Saint-Petersburg. At that moment Yulia’s condition seemed to be an over-strain, but now it is obvious that things are much worse. We will be healing Yulia, and you, please, be with us.

P.S.: Of course, all tickets will be refunded.

Boris Renski
t.A.T.u. manager

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on Tuesday, June 10th, tatyforever said

we love you, Yulka!! get well soon!!! we'll be waiting for you, ;)

on Friday, June 6th, Erica said

I have a feeling that it is most likely some sort of non-terminal illness. Remember, she did just have her second child and she is constantly on the go. It could be something like her appendix, or gallbladder. It is fairly common for autoimmune diseases such as those to develop after having children.
I do sincerely hope it is nothing too serious...
We all love Yulya dearly, that is a fact.
Get better soon Darling!

on Friday, June 6th, Jenn said

lmfao. Calm down, Ryan. I think Yulia (and you) will be okay. ;)

on Wednesday, June 4th, DJ said

Everyone think good thoughts for Yulia! I wonder what's wrong? Hopefully just a bad bug or, I don't know, an emergency appendectomy or something easily fixable like that. I understand she has a right to privacy and such and I respect that, but it would be nice in a way for management to _say_ what's wrong, if only so we don't worry ourselves half to death. At the least, I hope for regular updates on how she's doing!

on Wednesday, June 4th, B said

omg im heart-broken to hear that :[
I hope she gets better soon......

on Wednesday, June 4th, Lori said

My thoughts are with her... I don't pray much but this is worth it...

on Wednesday, June 4th, xx said

Sounds like bull to me... :( I hope not.

Good thing I didn't buy those tickets tho!

on Wednesday, June 4th, JuliaLenaFan said

omg! no! =( poor Julia. All of my best wishes go out to her and Lena. My God, I hope everything is well and she comes out feeling better. Please Julia get better! We all love you and miss you.


on Wednesday, June 4th, Opheliac said

OooH! No!
Poor Yulia! :'[

on Wednesday, June 4th, Ryan said

OMG, i keep fearing teh worst now... it ses 'seriously sick' and i always take that as being on their death bed... :'( plz Julia be ok... if owt happens 2 u... im comin with u babe... without tatu their is no me... tatu is my entire being. my life ends wen tatu does. x

on Wednesday, June 4th, geroin said

thats so sad what is ith youlia .... omg ..... i hope shell be ok .... :( the video is great ...... god help her ... tatu is my life !