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06/14/2008: "Gallery Update: First Studio Photoshoot [HQ]"

Source: allmylove.org

During the past 4 days, we were experiencing problems with our gallery the HQ photos would load slowly or not at all. However, our host was able to fix the problems and now the gallery is running perfectly. So, with that we bring you a new exclusive HQ photoshoot!

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on Saturday, June 28th, Nastya said

and Jenn, I agree with you, They were so cute in their Dvesti Po Vstrechnoy/200 KMH days! Not that they're not adorable now xP Lol!

200KMH/Dvesti Po was an interesting and cool time for them and for the fans too I guess with their music and photoshoots and concerts etc.

I think every time they release an album though they give us something new, they give us a whole new t.A.T.u., something new to look forward too. Thats why I think they've been so successful, they're constantly making you wait for something new to arrive, something creative, something crazy and just tatu! original and inspiring! I love it!


and to correct a typo I made earlier, it was supposed to be some not so* (I hate typos xO)

on Saturday, June 28th, Nastya said

This was the year 2000? Then I was only 6 years old and hadn't of heard of them yet :'( I'm sort of sad I missed their rise to fame. Their being a new band in the music scene and all.

However, I did get to know them when they released Dangerous and Moving and that was an interesting time too! I was like, "This band has a cool name and I really like this -sings along to All About Us on music channel-" and then I just started learning about them from there. Actully a few nights later..amazingly..I heard "All The Things She Said" on the radio. Its a rare thing when you hear their music on the radio, but its a nice treat!

So I was 10 years old then and I've been a fan(strike that and make it mega-fan) of them for three years now!

and these pictures were lovely, thanks for bringing us so more great tatu-picture-ness :) hehe!


on Saturday, June 28th, Justyna said

oh my goodness they look so cute!
they grew up too fast,
i think i was 7 or 8 when they were this age (:

on Monday, June 16th, Mike said

Being the same age as them, I feel I've grown up with them the past 6 years... and I think we're all doing just fine, hehe!

on Sunday, June 15th, Jenn said

They were oh so adorable. I think I'm older than they were back then. Weird.

Thanks for the flashback, Amanda.