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06/24/2008: "Gallery Update: Tityanko & Galayan Wedding (1.14.2004) [HQ]"

Source: allmylove.org

The first exclusive HQ set is now up!

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on Friday, June 27th, Amanda said

Nastya, yes, in fact, I paid for all of the HQ photos published on allmylove.org. Bit of inside info for ya! ;) Thank you for your support!

on Thursday, June 26th, Nastya said

Wow Amanda thats amazing! I think it would be great if I could do a photo session with them someday! (I'm such a photographer)

on Thursday, June 26th, Jenn said

Woah! You PURCHASE these photos, Amanda? That's awesome and very dedicated. Kudos to you!

on Wednesday, June 25th, Amanda said

Nastya, I purchase my photos from photographers and photo agencies. Glad every one likes the photos! I agree the girls look stunning, but they most always do! :)

on Wednesday, June 25th, Nastya said

Where do you get your photographs from? They're really nice! Yes, I love both their dresses! Lenok's is really nice! I have a coat like Yulka's in the Poklonnaya Gora photos!

on Wednesday, June 25th, Jenn said

haha. I don't have a dress like Yulia, but I do have a mole at the very same spot on my body!

Lovely, beautiful pictures. <3

on Wednesday, June 25th, Sarah said

I have the EXACT same colour of prom dress as Yulia!
Ohhh they both look so lovely <3