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06/25/2008: "t.A.T.u. Interview for Best For"

Source: t.A.T.u.’s myspace

You started with lesbian girls story and now you’re kind of straight girls, even the maternity affects you in a good way. And how should those young gays and lesbians feel who’ve believed you were one of them? It was a lie?

Yulia Volkova: I didn’t quite get it, the maternity has nothing to do with being or not being gay. Gay couples can also raise children.

Lena Katina: We’ve got a blog at our homepage which is written by our team from the name of an invented character - some Insider. So in one of his last posts there was probably the most precise answer to this question. Yulia and me, we were never lesbians, but the hint and the image we got helped thousands people to open up and not be afraid to say “I love you” to a person despite of his or her sex. This is the power of art that showed that love has no boundaries.

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on Monday, July 21st, Sasha said

I really like what Lena said about saying i love you... And I really want to get their album too

on Tuesday, July 8th, Nastya said

Yulia is fine, she looks great (judging from the latest video posted)! I think we might wait a while for the CD but it will all be worth it in the end! They are a fabulous band and I'm sure they will give us with a spectacular CD when it is finished:)

Hope that helps. Vsya Moya Lyubov, Nastya.

on Saturday, June 28th, yulia said

yea where is the album, whats th elatest on yulias condition and the cds.

on Thursday, June 26th, kadenka said

Hey guys, im new to here, just a quick question what exactly is Yulias' condition?? :-)

on Thursday, June 26th, Jenn said


on Wednesday, June 25th, Mike said


Seeing as Yulia isn't s'pposed to make appearances for approximately 6 months due to her "condition", I'd guess the albums are being postponed.

on Wednesday, June 25th, DJ said

All right... June's almost over. Album? Please?