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06/25/2008: "Gallery Update: Podnebesnaya conference [HQ]"

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on Thursday, July 3rd, Amanda said

Doom2afm, yes, they are old, but they are exclusive HQs. What do you mean I "got of tatysite.net"?

on Thursday, July 3rd, Doom2afm said

I know you get of tatysite.net.....why?

on Thursday, July 3rd, Doom2afm said

it is very old

on Friday, June 27th, Jenn said

Yulia's hair is SOOOOO awesome!

on Friday, June 27th, Amanda said

Nastya, there is no link to purchasing these photos. I found the photographer's contact and purchased the photos from him over ICQ instant messenger and the money was sent through Western Union. Don't worry about the questions - I have no problem answering. I also enjoy photography and take my own photos. :)

on Thursday, June 26th, Nastya said

Whats the site to buy these from? They're just gorgeous! I hope you don't mind me with all this asking questions! I just love pictures and photography..its all so beautiful and this is such and adorable shoot! The girls look funny in some of the pictures! Yulia looks like she won the lottery in the 20th picture! They sure did have to go through many letters xD