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07/08/2008: "t.A.T.u. shop summer sale"

Source: Tatu.ru

Starting from yesterday and up to August, 31 we’re having summer sale at t.A.T.u. shop!

Besides lower prices every customer will receive a gift (please read carefully good’s description at shop.taty.ru – everything’s written there). At the beginning of September four packs of rare magazines and an exclusive dirty t-shirt that Lena was wearing at one of the latest shoots will be presented to the 5 lucky customers who placed their orders during this period (yes, we didn’t wash the t-shirt). The winners will be randomly chosen by the shop team.

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on Friday, July 18th, Rheanna said

um YESS!!! i perfer theword USED t-shirt but it's Lena's an if i won id probably freak

on Wednesday, July 16th, coco said

I think the shirt is a harmless and nice idea. It´s probably not actually dirty and smelly so it´s just a souveniere and a fun collector´s item, not like "this shirt has Lena´s body fluids on it, desire and worship it!" (though I´m sure some fans see it that way).

on Tuesday, July 15th, ze said

Don't worry Jenn, I would take care of it..of all things lol.

But yes, I get what you meant :

on Saturday, July 12th, Jenn said

ze, you've got me to thinking what some obsessed guy would do with this shirt if he doesn't want to wear it. And quite frankly, I don't want to think about that shirt anymore.

on Saturday, July 12th, ze said

haha, if only it was one that either guys or gals could wear :P

on Wednesday, July 9th, Beyza said

Hey Amanda :)
t.A.T.u. were on German TV today x3 Like i said in the forum I translated it and put it on youtube. quality isnt the best, but they show beliy plashik too. <3 everyone is shocked, i think its funny =D


greetz! beyza

on Wednesday, July 9th, Mike said

OMG... I SO want that shirt!!! Not only is it Lena's, but it has a cool design to it.

And for the people complaining... it's a shirt that she wore for a photoshoot... it's not used toilet paper or a crusty jock strap, hehe!

on Tuesday, July 8th, Nastya said

Ew? I think thats a really cool idea! and I'm agreeing with Amanda, its just a shirt, BUT LENA'S SHIRT :) Lol! Yes, I will enter too, since my birthday is coming up and all I need some more t.A.T.u. stuff. ^_^

on Tuesday, July 8th, Amanda said

I don’t think it’s disgusting. It is simply a t-shirt, it isn’t like a used napkin. It was an interesting idea. I will try to win it.

on Tuesday, July 8th, tatymex said

double ewwwww
little joke!
give it to me!!
but why only Lena's?
i want Yulia's too!
(without wash! : P lol)

on Tuesday, July 8th, Katie said

Hmm.. Sorry but it seems a little obsessive to want to wear a dirty shirt just because Lena was wearing.

on Tuesday, July 8th, Jenn said


(haha. Sorry. I had to say that.)

on Tuesday, July 8th, kika said

ew??? you're crazy, Lena was wearing that, how can you say something like that?

on Tuesday, July 8th, genna said

...what the fuck? ew, dirty shirt.