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07/15/2008: "Gallery Update: Sergey Konvo’s wedding"

Source: Epsilon.ru

The much anticipated photos from Sergey Konvo’s wedding on July 5th have been added to the gallery. Thanks to Fanta and ilonych (tatu.ru).

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on Friday, July 18th, Lauren said

This is the best and nonsluttiest they've looked in a long time. Wooo.

on Thursday, July 17th, Jenn said

haha. Parviz. Scary as hell.

on Wednesday, July 16th, DJ said

Anybody else suddenly feel like there's a third t.A.T.u. member? One that never, say, smiles?

on Wednesday, July 16th, ze said

thanks for the pictures amanda! Lena, Yulia and Parviz look amazing :D

on Wednesday, July 16th, Jenn said


I love that last picture. They look so pretty. However, that Parviz guy still creeps me out.

on Tuesday, July 15th, Nastya said

Yulia looks amazing! She looks diffrent somehow, But she certainly looks beautiful!