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07/28/2008: "Gallery Update: Private Concert (Moscow, 07.25.08)"

Source: Paparazzi.ru

t.A.T.u. performed at a private venue in Moscow, Russia last Friday (July 25th, 2008). Paparazzi.ru speculates that “Snegopady” will be t.A.T.u.’s third single as shown from a mysterious disc. More information will be posted if and when available. Edit: Added 5 photos thanks to .:*Ja - LuChshAja*:. (tatu.ru).

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on Saturday, August 2nd, Robbert said

Muy importante news!!!
The release date for Upravleniye Otbrosami is now September 2, 2008. It will include 10 songs. It is unknown at this time if Waste Management will be released at the same time.

i got this news from F.Y.E. in Johnson City TN. =]

on Saturday, August 2nd, Jenn said

I still want to talk about sex, baby.
I still want to talk about you and me.

Nah, I am just kidding, Amanda. But really. I can't take this anymore!!! I want some new news! (ha. new news.) I think I'm just gonna go listen to some t.A.T.u. right now. I hope to God that the official site will be updated next week.

on Friday, August 1st, Nastya said

I only have the one of the demo people. I like it very much! :) Its like pouring electronic snow! But I'm not sure if its the final version they've chosen.

on Friday, August 1st, Russki Wannabe said

Yeah.. this is a giant publicity thing, prolly. I have a copy of "Snegopady" in high quality audio, it is really good, people!

on Thursday, July 31st, Robbert said

true Amanda. its probably just their final way of telling us that their single is going to be released soon. so lets just hope that it does. and not just false hope from a paparazzi to get extra money. cause you know how they can be.. they get like 10,000 dollars on a good photo and im sure with by the way everyones talking about it, its gonna be a picture worth alot more.

on Thursday, July 31st, Amanda said

I don’t think this is the final product by any means. It is unlikely they would use a magazine shoot for an official CD single. They usually use promo pictures that were shot by T.A. Music for official merchandise. These, on the other hand, were shot by Dorogoye Udovolstviye’s photographers and magazines are never eager to have their photos re-used.

on Thursday, July 31st, Jenn said

I'm with Mike. I was skeptical of the mysterious CD because of it's cover from a previous magazine photo shoot. Hey, at least it gives us t.A.T.u. fans something to talk about!

on Thursday, July 31st, Robbert said

I am with Amanda. I think its just a way for them to let us know they picked Snegopady as their 3rd single. But then again, the CD still isnt out. Dont you think that this is why its taking them so long cause they have to change the album work and names on the CD's? I think they want to change it because of in america, Waste Management is a coporation and may have a copyright on their name.

on Thursday, July 31st, Mike said

Yeah, I HIGHLY doubt the CD will be renamed, as Upravleniye Otbrosami artwork has already been used in the movie. Note in particular the t.A.T.u. website that is shown during the trailer.

I'm guessing it's a hoax, as it uses photos from the Dorogoye Udovolstviye photoshoot.

on Thursday, July 31st, Amanda said

Mike, yes, “Poyuschaya Dusha” (which translates to “Singing Soul”) was also speculated by paparazzi.ru to be the new title of the 3rd album. I did not include this in the news entry because it is unlikely the album will be retitled. And personally, I very much dislike the title “Singing Soul” and hope it is only a poor translation.

on Wednesday, July 30th, Mike said

After enhancing, it seems like it says "Poyushchaya gusha"...

on Wednesday, July 30th, Mike said

What does the CD even say on it? I'm having a hard time making it out.

on Wednesday, July 30th, Amanda said

I think the disc was left there intentionally by Yulia or the management. I don’t think they would leave the disc out accidentally, especially knowing that the Russian paparazzi follow them. I think this was just a clever and playful idea to get us talking about a 3rd single. Which we needed, considering we’ve all been tired and disappointed lately. Just my opinion. Anyway, interesting comments everyone, continue!

on Wednesday, July 30th, Robbert said

wow. you guys i've had a long day at work. trust me im american and usually dont make mistakes. but im sleepy. i hope in the morning on my day off that t.A.T.u.s website will FREAKING UPDATE!

on Wednesday, July 30th, Robbert said

Dude you guys. That fucking idiot who took the picture should have freaking just stold the CD. but not im begining to wonder if its just a fake CD. t.A.T.u.'s had yet to say anything about it

on Tuesday, July 29th, Nastya said

Forgive me, I meant car* not card

on Tuesday, July 29th, Nastya said

Has anyone maybe thought that the CD in Yulka's card was just to get us talking? Maybe something so we wouldn't be disappointed,get excited and get all hyper? :)
Forgive me if I'm in the wrong over here!

Maybe Waste Management will still be the same name.

Maybe it will change.

Its possible that this CD was also some Demos that she made with Lena or another project they're working on while they do Waste Management.

Hmm not sure, but its interesting.

Anyway, they look lovely! ^_^ Great pictures.

on Tuesday, July 29th, Robbert said

thanks Jenn. But seriously guys, when t.A.T.u. does realease their next song not video, their album will come out and then the video. and then i hope they will release some english videos in the states. its so lonely here without them! Peace out and thanks Amanda for the pictures.

on Tuesday, July 29th, Jenn said

I think you hit it on the nail, Robbert. lmfao.

on Tuesday, July 29th, B said

yea, new single!! They look AMAZING btw!

on Tuesday, July 29th, Robbert said

the new single will be Snegopady/Love That Dream.
You and I will not even be a single. For them You and I will have it's "almost own" release from the movie. But i am almost sure the song will release, then the russian album and then Snegopady video will come to keep up the pace. Remember guys, t.A.T.u. is scandalous for this kind of stuff. But they make this up because look at their first album. It still sounds like it could have released last week. come on just give it time. and yes jenn, they do need to update "thier" site. it makes me mad. i go to check it out everyday and all it is is Summer sale shop july 8th bulls**t. oh well. when they do release more news it will be big news. lets just hope it isnt bad, "we will hold off the album yet again" kind of news.

on Tuesday, July 29th, Jenn said

If they really are close to releasing their third single, the album better be released soon. This is ridiculous. I used to always tell people to be patient, but I don't think I can wait any longer. I really wish they would update their site, too.

Blegh. Sorry. I just needed to rant a little. I'm okay now! :) Now time for some ramen noodles!

on Tuesday, July 29th, Mike said

I really hope that 'Snegopadi' is the 3rd single... it's my favorites song from the new albums so far. I've just heard news however, that 'You and I' will be the next single.

on Tuesday, July 29th, IraN t.A.T.u said

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