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08/03/2008: "“Upravleniye Otbrosami” will be released on September 2nd"

Source: Audio-club.ru, ai-m.ru

According to Russian websites audio-club.ru and ai-m.ru, t.A.T.u.’s third studio album “Upravlenie Otbrosami” will be released on September 2nd, 2008. The “SOYUZ” company, who sold the “Beliy Plaschik” CD+DVD single, have confirmed the release date. Thanks to Dima Smirnov (tatu.ru). More information will be posted when available.

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on Thursday, August 7th, genna said

fucking finally

on Thursday, August 7th, tatyforever said

soooo cool!!!!!!!

on Monday, August 4th, Cris said


on Monday, August 4th, Robbert said

i really dont think the movie will release the first. they should have started advertising it over here and they havent. unless it just wont be that good. and alot of stores i've gone to have the same release date and seem pretty sure that it will actually release on the second if not sooner by the first. just depends on when my store will get their shipment. =]

on Monday, August 4th, B said

omg if this is true I am SO excited!!!

on Monday, August 4th, Amanda said

Yulia, I’m afraid I didn’t. There was no set list released for the private concert and no audio/video recorded by Russian fans that I am aware of.

on Monday, August 4th, Yulia said

I am excited too, amanda, did you say on the easrlier post (private concert) that you have the snegopady performance in audio/video?

on Monday, August 4th, coco said

Lauren, I´m with you.

besides, why haven´t they announced this on tatu.ru? maybe to wash their hands when the release date gets to postponed again?

on Monday, August 4th, Erica said

Finally! I can 't wait to hear the finished versions of Snegopady and Vremya Luni!!!!!!!!!!

on Sunday, August 3rd, DJ said

*cheers, pauses, thinks, calls BS, desperately wants anyway*

on Sunday, August 3rd, Nastya said

No one can imagine how happy I am!

Ryan: I didn't know they were going to release the movie too.

I just realized the ring and the bar stand for Upravleniye Otbrosami :)

on Sunday, August 3rd, Railyn said

Yay! I hope this isn't another false release date, I'm really excited for the new album!

on Sunday, August 3rd, Lauren said

I'll believe it when I see it.

on Sunday, August 3rd, Ailishhhhhhhh said

OMG I CAN'T WAIT!! XD I start back to school on the 2nd! Lol
Im sooooo EXCITED!!! =D

on Sunday, August 3rd, Mia said

sooooo excited!

on Sunday, August 3rd, liz said

i'm skeptical. let's hope they'll wont be no more postpoments!

on Sunday, August 3rd, JuliaLenaFan said

FINALLY!! XD Sept. 2nd. I CAN'T WAIT!!!! :D

on Sunday, August 3rd, Second-Kind said

Great news!!!

on Sunday, August 3rd, Amie said

I'm so excited!

on Sunday, August 3rd, Ryan said

ABOUT TIME argh im sooooooo happy now :D come on tatu... isnt teh movie out on teh 1st of september aswell? if it is it will b best week ever :D

on Sunday, August 3rd, Jenn said